The second phase of the Project “Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II” is being implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) focuses on the application the innovation instruments and procedures for more efficient and sustainable service delivery by local self-government authorities and state institutions. Building institutional capacity of local self-governments and contributing to the balance of interests of stakeholders, the project enhances the transparency and accountability of all institutions.

The main project's activities:

  • supporting the system of Administrative Services Centers
  • e-governance innovation instruments
  • complex inter-municipal cooperation projects

All this is done by GIZ, but rather, by a small team of people which unites hearts and strengthen friendship, and no matter how trite it sounds, however, between east and west, center and north! Dnipro - Rivne - Lysychansk - Severodonetsk - Poltava - Kremenchuk - Lyman - Kyiv! Thanks to the whole team of the GIZ project “Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II” for filling our hearts with incredible emotions for life!

Olena Lichmanenko, Deputy Director of the Department,
the Head of the Office of administrative services
Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration

The Project “Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine” played one of crucial roles at the stage of decentralisation of administrative services. Due to the project, the local self-government bodies are entitled and have relevant powers to provide a wide range of services, which previously were not in the scope of their service portfolio, namely a place of residence registration, registration of businesses, real property registration and other. I mean that the respective legal frameworks and draft laws elaborated with the support of the project have been approved by the Verkhovna Rada.

Oleksandr Saienko
the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2016-2019)

The project focuses on developing innovative approaches that are translated into actions jointly with local and regional partners.

The experience gained is analysed and integrated into procedure instructions and the national policy at the central level. For this purpose, the project cooperates not only with government agencies, but also with the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament), NGOs and advanced training institutions. Besides, due to active cooperation with sector ministries and other implementing organisations, maximum scaling up of innovative well-tried approaches is ensured.

The first intervention area aims at the mainstreaming and systematization of experience exchange between the Administrative Services Centers (ASC) and the establishment of a competence development system for ASC employees. The second intervention area focuses on re-engineering the procedures of two selected services and their IT support for the purpose of cost and/or time-saving for public authorities, citizens, and the private sector as well as to reduce corruption. The third intervention area supports service delivery based on inter-municipal cooperation via communal enterprises, special-purpose associations, or shared administrative units. In addition to targeted technical assistance, new methodological approaches such as operational project management, design thinking, and social media analysis are used to develop services tailored to the needs of citizens and to determine the citizens’ attitude towards the services. The goal is to use the potential of digitization to implement reforms.

For many years, the GIZ project team "Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II" worked on the creation of a human-centered service and used this approach everywhere: conferences in the "open space" format, the first training in design thinking for ASCs, the first state's chatbot services, the first ethnographic research and “customers journey”.


The success achieved by the Lysychansk ASC in recent years is the result of painstaking joint work, constant interaction with you! You, by your actions, inspire us to develop and improve! You charge us with energy and encourage us not to stop at what has been achieved, but to move only forward! We, the team of Lysychansk ASC, are infinitely grateful to you for your cooperation and constant support. Thank you for your creative ideas, good mood, and clear work!

And we believe that in the future the Lysychansk ASC will be able to preserve and continue these achievements to reach new heights and implement new ambitious plans!

Olena Lytvyniuk
Нead of the Lysychansk Administrative Services Department


Unconventionality, creativity, brightness – of course, it's yours, our dear team of the Project "Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II". You broke into our lives with a mad whirlwind of modern European visions and new non-standard solutions! Everything you undertake, from small to large, is a delight! Thank you for being who you are!

Tetiana Pecherytsia,
Director of Kremenchuk Administrative Service Centre